Hello everyone and thanks for checking into our blog.  I will be updating this on a weekly basis with tips for your grilling and smoking along with some recipes I have put together in my 20 some odd years of being in the restaurant business.

I will also answer any questions you may have.  Just drop me an email at ChefBryan@pigstybbq.com and I will answer you on the blog.  Also, I will select a question of the week and that lucky person will receive a coupon to use on your next visit to Pig Sty BBQ.

Just to give you a little background on myself.  I began doing competition BBQ many moons ago when I lived in the Kansas City area.  As you all know, Kansas City is the BBQ Capital of the World.  My very good friend from college, Jeff Stehney, needed help with the team.  Not the cooking, but lift this, carry that, move this type of help.  We were fortunate to start winning competitions with over 100 teams and State Championships.  We finished the year winning the prestigious American Royal World Championship  in the Open Division with over 350 teams from throughout the world.  The following year we won the Invitational beating the Best of the Best.

Shortly thereafter, Jeff opened Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in Kansas City and hired me as the Smokehouse Manager.  He taught me how to do competition quality bbq in a restaurant.  Within three years, Joe’s was rated as the No. 1 BBQ restaurant in the world by Zagat’s Guide to Restaurants. Today, Joe’s BBQ Kansas City is arguably one of the Best BBQ Restaurants in the World.  A few years after I left, Anthony Bourdain named Joe’s one of the 13 Places to Eat Before You Die.

Three years later, Jeff recommended me for a position in London UK and I opened and oversaw the day to day operations for Bodean’s BBQ.  We opened a total of five restaurants in six and a half years and had very good success.  Twice we were nominated for Best American Restaurant in London.  We also were chosen as having the Best Ribs This Side of the Atlantic by Time Out and one of my sandwiches was named Best Sandwich in London by one of the leading restaurant critic in London.

After stops in the Caribbean and South Africa, I have been in South Florida for coming up on four years and I am loving it.

Again, thanks for checking into my blog and I hope that I can help you with any questions you might have with your grilling and smoking.

Chef Bryan