There’s always a reason to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than with delicious food.  But with so many food options out there, how do you pick the best catering option? Well, we can’t answer this question for you. What you consider the best will ultimately depend upon your personal preference. However, as an award-winning BBQ restaurant that also offers BBQ catering, what we can do is give you some tips for choosing the best BBQ catering.

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, graduation party, or just a Saturday with friends, BBQ catering is sure to make your event a smokin’ success. If you are in the Boynton Beach area and looking for catering, give us a call today to get your quote!

Listen To Recommendations

What’s the word on the street? Well, these days, it may actually be more appropriate to say what’s the word on the web. Regardless of where you get the suggestion, the point is that when looking for the right catering service for you, it’s important to reach out to those you trust and be open to suggestions. Word-of-mouth recommendations are a great way to ensure that you go with the right BBQ catering company. 

Sample The Food

Scheduling a catering service without sampling the goods would be like buying a car without first test driving it, which is something not many would recommend. Leave the guesswork for another adventure. When it comes to choosing catering for your event, be sure to sample the dishes before they’re served to your guests.

Consider Scope Of Menu

One of the best things about choosing BBQ catering for an event is that it’s a crowd pleaser. Who doesn’t like BBQ? While we have a tough time answering this question, we have found a few instances. Vegetarians, for example, typically don’t like BBQ because of the lack of non-meat options. However, good BBQ caterers should be able to provide a range of high-quality vegetarian-friendly options.

Ask For A Detailed Quote

Any restaurant or professional caterer that regularly caters events is more than comfortable with providing detailed quotes for an event. This is often one of the first steps in hiring a caterer. If your prospective catering business is hesitant to give you an exact quote, be wary.

Consider Specialty

If you are looking for the best BBQ catering, it wouldn’t make sense to go to a catering company that specializes in Italian dishes, right? Of course! If you want super BBQ, go to someone who takes BBQ seriously, someone who makes BBQ day in and day out.

At PigSty BBQ, not only do we make award-winning BBQ every single day, but this is also something we love doing. We love the art of perfecting BBQ, and it’s a process we take great pride in. When we opened our Boynton Beach restaurant, our goal was to bring real southern cafeteria-style BBQ to the area. We don’t think this is something you should have to travel to Texas or the Carolinas to experience.

Ready to schedule BBQ catering for your next event? We’re ready to make it happen! Contact us today to get started. Learn more about our catering services, our story, and our food truck!