When planning your next Boynton Beach event, it is crucial to not forget the importance of catering. Because just as a bad catering can ruin the event and leave your guests with a bad taste in their mouths (sometimes literally), good catering can elevate your event and make it a smoking success. Whether it’s a wedding, rehearsal dinner, graduation party, corporate event, or simply a summer backyard gathering of friends, catering your event with world-class BBQ from Pig-Sty BBQ is a sure way to impress guests.

Tired of reading? Already sold? Well, head on over to our BBQ catering page, check out our menu, and call us today to place your order. If you are still on the fence, we’ll go ahead and provide you with a few of the benefits of ordering BBQ catering.

Less Stress

Have you ever eased your dread of cooking by ordering take out? It felt great, right? Catering is like this but on a bigger scale. When you leave the cooking to professionals, you don’t have to worry about preparing a scrumptious meal, plating it, finding the right portions, and presenting it. Nope, when you hire a catering company like Pig-Sty BBQ, you simply tell us what you want, how many people you need to feed, and then leave the rest up to us.

Easy Cleanup

Cooking is messy, and the more people you are cooking for, the bigger mess you have to clean up. This is something that catering eliminates. When you hire caterers, you won’t have to deal with all the cleanup required when you prepare the meal from scratch.

Please Attendees

Anyone who is anyone loves BBQ. We’re of course kidding. We know that BBQ isn’t for everyone, but it sure seems like it’s for most people. This natural love, on top of the fact that we here at Pig-Sty BBQ make award-winning BBQ, is a sure combination for success.

Ready to treat your guests to out-of-this-world BBQ catering? View our catering menu, which includes all the classics like brisket, ribs, pulled pork, and homemade sides, and give us a call to book our catering services. We’ll make your summer event a smoking success.