If you have a big event coming up—wedding, business luncheon, birthday, corporate party—you are likely feeling a little stressed. You may be fretting over all sorts of questions—when is the best time to hold the event? What venue would work best? What should I do for entertainment? And what about food? If this is your case, let us start by saying, we at Pig-Sty BBQ can handle the food. Regardless of the size of your event, we can tailor our catering services to fit your budget. And once your guests find out that they’re being treated to award-winning BBQ, your event is sure to be a smoking success.

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Although the subject and goal of your event are, of course, important, the food and catering cannot be overlooked. When you hire a great catering company, you save time, reduce stress, and signal to your guests that you truly value them. However, just as good catering can elevate your event, bad catering can tarnish the success of your event and leave your guests with a bad taste in their mouths. To improve the chances of hiring exceptional caterers to handle your event, keep the following tips in mind:

Stick With Professionals

As is the case with many services, if you want professional catering, don’t hire amateurs. The world of catering is complex. Although you cannot entirely rely on experience, it is often a good indicator. Also, don’t assume that just because you can cook at home, you can cook for a large event. You will almost certainly be in for a rude awakening. When you are looking for top-notch catering, hire experts. With professionals, you can rest assured in knowing that they will leverage their years of experience, planning, cooking, presenting, and serving food to help make your event a success. When searching for a stellar catering company, it is important to read reviews, consider experience, ask thorough questions, assess professionalism, and go with those who have earned a reputation for serving up scrumptious food.

Don’t Procrastinate

Great catering companies are typically busy catering companies. Because they have earned a reputation for routinely delivering delicious food, their calendars fill up quickly. When you are planning your event, you ideally want to start the search early. This will ensure that when you finally make your decision, you won’t be let down when the caterers of your choice tell you that they are already booked for your dates.

Calculate and Share Budget

Having a rough sketch of your budget can be incredibly helpful when shopping for caterers. Not only will this help keep you in check, but it will also help you get an accurate quote. If you don’t have it all entirely figured out when you contact a prospective catering company, that’s okay. Many will work with you to help flesh out a plan. However, having a clear vision of what you want and need will help you get an accurate estimate and understanding of the catering that they can provide. Additionally, most caterers are more than happy to accommodate their services to fit a client’s budget. Be honest and work with them to find solutions that best fit your needs.

Consult with the Venue

With more and more events taking place in nontraditional settings, like barns and fields, it is important for caterers to know the setting in which they will be preparing and serving food. Although many untraditional spaces offer a unique setting for the event, they often lack key resources—kitchens, table space, outlets, etc. It is, therefore, important to ask your venue all the questions that may be relevant to caterers. Asking these questions early on can help save money, better prepare your chosen caterers and, ultimately, improve the overall success of the event. This tip is especially important for full-service catering companies.

Hire Pig-Sty BBQ

If you are in the Boynton area and are looking for someone to cater your upcoming event, what would be better than serving up some of Florida’s best BBQ? At Pig-Sty BBQ, we take tremendous pride in our low and slow BBQ. Our pitmasters have been perfecting the art of BBQ for years, and it’s an endeavour that has won them a number of accolades—one of our pitmasters used to manage what Zagat called the “best BBQ restaurant in the world,” and what Anthony Bourdain once said was “one of the 13 places you must eat at before you die.”

Our BBQ menu includes all the mouth-watering favorites—brisket, pulled pork, ribs, turkey, chicken, smoked ham, and classic BBQ sides. Check out our catering menu, and if you would like to treat the attendees of your event to some award-winning BBQ, call and book our services today. From weddings to small business luncheons, we can handle events of all sizes!