Ah, smoked meat. There’s nothing else quite like it. At least, not for us here at Pig-Sty BBQ. We live for BBQ. At our BBQ restaurant in Boynton Beach, we take tremendous pride in serving up some the best barbecue in the whole state of Florida. From brisket to ribs to pulled pork and all the traditional sides, we offer it all. At our establishment, we believe that BBQ and the cooking process is something to be revered. This is why we do everything the traditional southern way with a pitmaster and all. Learn more about our story here.

At Pig-Sty BBQ, we want everyone to have a chance to experience the joys of world-class barbecue. This is why we are now offering BBQ catering. Whether you are holding a business luncheon, wedding, birthday party, or just a family gathering, we want to help make your event a smokin’ success by offering you some smokin’ BBQ goodness. If you are interested in getting some BBQ catering for your next big event, check out our catering menu and contact us with any questions.

In today’s blog, we are going to offer some tips for all those looking to make BBQ at home. Whether you are an aspiring pitmaster or just wanting to impress the neighbors this summer, consider these simple BBQ tips.

Use Quality Meat

It all starts with the meat. Even if you are the best pitmaster in the world, turning a poor piece of meat into something delicious and worthy of being called BBQ is nearly impossible. When looking for the right meat for your occasion, don’t simply grab the cheapest. Talk to your local butcher, and tell him or her exactly what you are looking for. While what to look for will vary according to your desire, as a general rule of thumb, for ribs avoid frozen ribs and ribs with too much surface fat. You want a set with good meat coverage. For brisket, seek out brisket with nice marbling and white, hard fat that covers the entire flat portion of the cut.

Control The Temp

The best BBQ requires steady low heat over an extended period of time. If your smoker gets too hot, this will result in tough, dry meat. It can take some practice to perfect the art of maintaining a nice low ‘n’ slow temperature—especially if you are unfamiliar with the grill you are using. For most people, the best way to regulate the temperature is to use the vents. It is important to let your smoker sit and stabilize at a constant temperature before you add your meat. This may take up to 20 minutes. Additionally, a key part of temperature control is having a reliable thermometer setup and a full water pan. 

Don’t Over-Smoke

The inimitable flavor of smoke on meat is amazing. For many rookies, they can fall into the flawed logic of thinking that the more smoke the better. This is a big mistake and it can result in some seriously awful BBQ. To prevent this from happening, be cognizant of how many wood chunks you add and how much smoke you aren’t letting out. Additionally, if the smoke smells bad, the meat is going to taste bad. If you are new to the art of barbecue, rather than going for an over-the-top approach, instead adhere to the smoking philosophy of less is more.

Are you starting to feel like you bit off more than you can chew? No worries. Give us a call today, and we can set you up with some seriously delicious BBQ catering—just don’t pass it off as your own. Or do, we don’t care. It’s your BBQ.

Be Patient

At our Boynton Beach BBQ restaurant, we pay homage to the soul and tradition of southern BBQ. This means that we always follow the low ‘n’ slow approach. Without this approach, we wouldn’t be able to offer our guests the award-winning BBQ they have come to love. Remember this and be patient when smoking your meat. It takes time. This is also to say that you should avoid peeking under the grill lid too often. This can be a hard temptation to resist when you are new to the process and also when your stomach is rumbling and you can’t contain your excitement. But do try to refrain. Everytime you open the lid, you let out the heat and smoke, and the temperature will drop. Rely on your thermometer to signal when you need to make adjustments.

Respect The Meat

After all of the effort and waiting that goes into preparing your delicious smoked meat, you may be tempted to immediately start hacking away. While you, of course, have to get a little sample, you also need to allow the meat enough time to rest. Cutting too soon or against the grain can really affect the deliciousness of your pride and joy.

We hope you feel ready to get started. Remember that if you are new to this, like with anything, it takes time to master and you will likely make mistakes. If your mistakes ruin your meal, you can always give us a call or stop by. We are always ready to console you with some reliably scrumptious BBQ catering or a nice sit-down meal at our Boynton Beach BBQ restaurant. View our BBQ menu, our catering menu, and contact us today to learn more!